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Vindazo – Communication and Information Communication Technology, Online Solutions Group

Major marketing companies are always looking for dynamic business people or marketers. Are you flexible? Do you think you have business talents and good communication skills? Are you interested in the exciting world of marketing and distribution, communications, sales, event management, and international business? Then you will like our marketing profession.

We provide practice-oriented training, but we always focus on a strong theoretical foundation. You will develop a wide range of skills in the fields of marketing , IT, and foreign language communication. We also encourage our students to develop excellent knowledge to strengthen their ability to establish business connections.
From general to more specific

Our marketing training has three key cornerstones: professional marketing learning, foreign languages ​​and computer science. Expert research covers everything from broad marketing to very specific marketing niches. The business case supports everything we teach. Company visits, Speakers, conferences, seminars and projects are all part of our training. Moreover, following to your interests and future plans, you can take some elective courses.

Communication and Information Communication Technology

In the international business world, IT skills and excellent communication skills in English and other foreign languages ​​are essential. In addition to learning English at an advanced level, our students must choose between different levels of French, Spanish, German and Dutch. Students who have acquired intermediate French communication skills prior to undergraduate studies should take an advanced course.



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Determine the selling price

The selling price of your vehicle is a determining, if not the most important, factor. But how do you determine the price of a car? Prices vary based on make, age, general condition, mileage, options, engine, color, etc.

You can start by viewing ads that have similar features to your car to help you determine the price. You can also use our vehicle price estimator tool by entering your car details.

Post your ad

Once the sale price has been determined, you can continue to run your ads through our tool. You can now get your vehicle online for free. Know that an advertisement is like a business card: the more attractive it is, the more likely you are to sell your car quickly. That’s why the photo and description of your ad are so important.

Also take pictures of the interior and the odometer. as complete as possible. Sow no doubt. Your ad must legally include the following information: condition, mileage, contact details, equipment list (standard and optional), service history, exact make and model, year of manufacture and chassis number.

Will contact you regarding your vehicle

Your ad will be placed and potential buyers will contact you. Do you agree? Please note the time and place of the appointment. Note that most buyers negotiate the price of a used car, often resulting in a price lower than what is advertised.

Avoid paying in cash if you agree to the sale price, or have something to verify the authenticity of the ticket. In addition, cash payments of more than € 3000 are not allowed. It is best to accept bank transfers. In any case, the sale is concluded by drawing up a sales agreement with details of the parties.

Are you ready to put your vehicle up for sale? You can do this for free within minutes!

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