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Dialoc ID: Changing Your Library Security System

If you’re looking to improve and update your Library security system, then Dialoc ID can provide you with a range of different services to help your Library run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Established over thirty years ago, Dialoc ID began its life as the creators of high-end Electronic Article Surveillance systems (otherwise known as EAS), but they’ve since gone on to provide the absolute cutting-edge in Library services. This, in effect, means the kind of easy-to-access technology that allows a Library and its staff to get the job done right. So, no more confusion over returns and sorting, self-service or any day-to-day aspect of running your library well.

The Best Library Security System Around

The Dialoc ID Library security system is favoured by Libraries across the globe, known for its reliability and all around efficiency. Just for instance, Radio Frequency Identification Technology (or RFID) provides unsurpassed security when it comes to identifying the data stored in your Library. It’s also a cost-effective way of reducing personnel, giving customers the freedom to check items in and out without any waiting or fuss. It also includes automatic inventory scanning and searching, making your Library all the easier to organize and account for.

Cutting Edge Technology That Works For You

The Library security system also includes the Electromagnetic (or EL) technology, another mainstay of the very top Libraries around the world. It’s a perfect choice for protecting valuable items, offering as it does full security detection systems, self-station and staff serving units. It’s really just another example of Dialoc ID taking a front-footed approach to revolutionising the way Libraries are operated, both now and in the days to come.