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Why Cargo Hold Cleaning Should Not Be Done Manually?

If you have a tight schedule and don’t have the time to clean the entire hold, it’s probably because you don’t have the time or the energy for it. However, cleaning the whole hold at one point doesn’t seem like a big deal if you use an abrasive blasting robot.

Even so, if you’re a single person working on a crew-membership project, and one of the other members has a sick condition, you might as well try to be there for them at all times. Being there for the whole team, whether it’s keeping an eye on a project on the way or helping out a friend who has gone through tough times, means a lot. 

And if one member has to take a certain sick time, or take time off, or is on extended leave, then that means the rest of the team doesn’t have to pick up the slack. That’s not good management, not helpful, and can damage the relationship between employee and manager. 

So, if you clean a cargo hold, show the rest of the team that you are there for them even when they’re not looking.

What Types Of Material Are Eligible For Clean-Up In A Cargo Hold?

Not all types of cleaning material will do well in a cargo hold. You would be surprised how many items can not be removed from there with a regular broom and mop!

So, how to clean a cargo hold? One easy and effective way is to use a water-based duster or Vertidrive robot. This is not only highly effective at removing the leaves and other vegetation from the weave, but it also gets rid of most of the oil and dirt that may have collected on the greens. So while the greens may be left in the hold, the water-based method will take care of everything else.


The cargo hold is the most common work area in a ship or truck. In many countries, it is also where you haul all the goods while they are being unloaded from a truck or a ship. In fact, most countries have regulations on what must go in a cargo hold and how much too.

The job of a clean cargo hold is to be a lasting memory for your customer. If you have the ability to remove all debris and keep the area clean, it can be a great opportunity to modernize the hold and make it more engaging for your employees.

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