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Open the bottom lid of the IQ2 to reveal the glass lined ceramic oven.
Pack the herb tightly for maximum vapor. Close the bottom lid for the pearl to complete the spice package.
Switch on / off by clicking 5x on the control button.
Adjust the temperature up and down using the navigation buttons between four preset temperature ranges called “Smart Paths” technology. * IQ2 is programmed to start in Smart Path 3 (390-410 degrees).
IQ2 vibrates when it is done.
Is the DaVinci IQ getting too hot? Not with Smart Path mode

Smart Paths are four preset temperature experiences that increase in temperature over eight-minute sessions.

One of the most notable upgrades, the IQ2 comes with a bluetooth app function that connects the device to a downloadable app on your phone. The main feature of the app is a dose calculator that uses an algorithm to determine the amount of active substance vaporized per draw and cumulative session.

After entering the stem information of the flower or concentrate you are going to use, the dosage will be determined by the temperature used, the length of the draws and the length between draws. It’s a cool feature, especially for new users or those concerned about over-medication.

Is the DaVinci IQ2 worth it?
The DaVinci IQ2 is a product of tangible quality that you can see, feel and taste. Great for new users and super stoners alike, it can be as simple or as complicated a device as you want. The basic functions of the flower evaporation mechanisms are just as impressive as the high-tech capabilities.

Improvements such as the new airflow adjustment, luxury additions such as the app and chic aesthetic updates make this a worthwhile investment. In fact, it comes with a 10-year warranty, so you won’t regret it.

Overall, this is an impressive and powerful portable vape mr-joy that offers some of the best bang for your buck on the market. It’s a great buy for any user.