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RIVM research shows that e-liquids mainly contain sweet fragrances and flavors

The BiltIn e-liquids mainly contain sweet fragrances and flavors. In addition, the substance vanillin, which gives a vanilla-like taste, is at the top. This is apparent from research by the RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

Chemical flavor composition

It is the first time in Europe that the chemical taste composition of so many liquids from electronic cigarettes (e-liquids) has been analyzed. RIVM examined 320 e-liquids. In those 320 e-liquids, 79 different fragrances and flavors were examined. Vanillin was found in 42 percent of the liquids studied. Substances with a fruity taste also scored highly. The e-liquids studied contain an average of 6 different flavorings. 

The researchers classified all e-liquids into flavor categories, such as dessert, fruit or tobacco, based on their taste label. The research shows that e-liquids with similar flavor categories also have a similar composition of fragrances and flavors. Ecigmarketxl.comfor more information. They found a comparable flavor composition for fresh-sweet, warm-sweet, fresh-cooling, and non-sweet e-liquid flavours.

Attractiveness of the e-cigarette

The flavors influence the attractiveness of the e-cigarette. RIVM research has already shown that there are hundreds of different flavors of e-liquids available on the Dutch market. e liquidsfor more information. It also turned out that e-liquids with a sweet taste are not only popular among e-cigarette users, but also arouse interest among people who do not (yet) vape or smoke. In addition, e-cigarettes have also been shown to be harmful to health.

This study provides insight into the flavors present in different flavors of e-liquids. This information can be used in further research into the attractiveness and harmfulness of e-cigarettes and can provide input to policy makers for the recently announced ban on e-liquids with a taste other than tobacco.