Save the environment and save money

Even though there might be a bit of a discussion going on, global warming is a very real thing and it is happening right now. The effects are happening and showing right now. The water level is rising. This is a big threat to a lot of places, not only coastal places. At the same time the planet is warming up at a very dangerous rate. This has some serious effects, meaning that we have to be more considerate with our water use and moreover with the environment. A good way to still be able to use the amount of water you need is by investing in a water pump. I hear you thinking ‘How does a water pump work?’. Without getting into the technical side, it is actually quite simple. It literally pumps water from the ground. depending on the type of water pump, it can filter the water so you can use it for whatever you want. You can use this water for anything you like. You can use it for your daily uses, like showering, cooking, drinking, etc. But also for lawn irrigation or to drinking water for your farm animals.Whatever you need or want, the possibilities are endless. It is understandable if you are hesitant beforehand though, it is a bit of an investment. But keep in mind that water pumps are sustainable and re-use rainwater. Meaning that your water bill will go down drastically. SO in the long run it will save you a lot of money and earn itself back. If you are convinced and want to invest in a water pump. Make sure you do your do your research. There are a lot of different types of water pumps in all shapes and sizes. they all have different purposes and you don’t want to end up with the wrong water pump and end up not using it to its full potential.

What NOT to do with your water pump

In this article there are real don’ts that you should not do when using a water pump. You use this water pump to bring a liquid from a to b. In addition, it is super convenient to work with but does not bring this without dangers. There are indeed a number of points that you have to pay attention to. First of all you have to see what kind of fluid you are going to move. If these are aggressive, corrosive and flammable substances then you should mainly stay away from this. This is not made for this and you should not use it for this. make sure you roll out the hose properly and therefore ensure that there are no gaps in the hose. This may cause the water pump to overheat. Furthermore, you must run a pump completely dry unless the pump is of course meant for this. But if a pump does not mean this, then you should not use it like that. This means that you have to close the water pump just before the liquid is completely gone.

Furthermore, you must ensure that you use the correct pump for proper use. Each pump has its own kind of functionality. This way you have to ensure that you have chosen the right brand and the right kind of water pump. The brand such as Grundfos or Tallas can mainly differ in quality and in terms of price differences. For example, one brand is more luxurious and another brand has a better quality. For example, not every pump can withstand any kind of fluid that is being absorbed. because one water pump can again put on dirty water with pieces in it while the other can move mainly clean water. they are therefore not suitable for dirty water.

Painting projects

Paint can of course be used to paint the walls in your house. This is probably the first thing that pops into your mind, when you think about paint. But there are so many other possibilities with paint we must not forget! Painting can also be done to be creative or to touch up something. All and all, you can have a lot of fun with paint and in this article we will share some of the things that you can do with it.


The first project you can devote your time to is painting art. Of course, you will not become a master painter over a couple weeks, but you can take classes or watch tutorials to improve your painting skills. There are a lot of different painting styles, so you should begin by looking at other paintings and find out what styles you do and do not like.


Another project can be painting furniture. We live in a society where we buy everything we want. And if we get bored by our brown table and want a white one, we buy one. But that is not necessary! If the table itself is still good, you can just paint it in any colour you want. You can do this by using an indoor paint sprayer. An airless paint sprayer makes the job a lot easier than using old paint brushes and you will end up with a much neater result.


Something that many people do not know, is that you can paint your own clothes! You can change your clothes into a colour that is a darker shade. This is very easy, you just put the clothing item in the washing machine, along with the paint that is made especially for clothing. Then you just wash the item and it will change into the new colour.

Walas redevelops Phoenix West in Dortmund, Germany

World of Walas and the German city of Dortmund are joining forces.

Today, Friday 24 August 2018, they announce their collaboration. Walas and Dortmund will engage in the development of Phoenix West. Part of this project are the revitalisation and redevelopment of the former blast furnace of ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG and the historic building called Schalthaus. “World of Walas is proud to announce the redevelopment of the historic Phoenix West area”, so says Gerben van Straaten, CEO of World of Walas. “The Phoenix West project in the historic town of Dortmund is an urban development in the broadest sense of the word”.

At the spot where around 160 year ago the first blast furnace was built, a new vibrant community rises where people live, work and recreate. A place with local enterprises and restaurants. Innovative ideas on technology, services, knowledge, logistics, economy and entrepreneurship will play an important roll. “For Walas, urban development is more then the design of real estate”, Gerben explains. “Urban development brings together activities, wishes and the interest of talented entrepreneurs, craftsmen, scientists, artists AND the city and unites them into a lively and liveable unity that is economical, social, sustainable, ecological and financial.” According to Oberbürgermeister Ullrich Sierau of the city of Dortmund the plans of Walas show that the industrial culture of the Ruhr area and the economic dynamics do not have to contradict each other. “On the contrary, the plans redesign the industrial monument completely,” says Sierau.

New Centre of Excellence for innovation and sustainability

The work on the Phoenix West project start with the building of a new centre of excellence for innovation and technology. The location is in the middle of the old blast furnace. A distinctive feature of the building are the blue solar panels. This feature is why people started calling the design the Blue Wave. The next step in 2019 is the revitalisation of the Schalthaus. The project is completed with the development of a new building called “4th Wave” which is running through the heart of the old blast furnace construction. “The authentic elements accentuate the essence of the city”, says Gerben. “With multiple land use we went to create new diversity around the industrial monument Phoenix West, respecting the history and the DNA of this interesting community. This is the first step into the direction of the fourth industrial revolution.” For Walas this development is not limited to a mere regional development. “The goal is a Centre of Excellence for innovation and sustainability with an international reputation”.

Major advantages Phoenix West, Dortmund

Thomas Westphal, Managing Director of Economic Development Dortmund, who guided the process with his team over the last 12 months, sees major advantages for businesses. He calls the investments of Walas in Dortmund “An important step for the whole of Europe. At the same time, it is a good signal for the region: an industrial monument is being reused and made productive again AND at the same time new jobs are being created.”

Wedding services you shouldn’t skip

Not many events are more stressful to plan than a wedding. Between choosing the date and buying a dress, the prospect of a break can become pretty tempting. While it might be tempting to cut some corners on your big day, there are some services you shouldn’t skip. 


A professional photographer will make you and your beloved look amazing. Even though hiring a photographer can be expensive, you have images that you cherish for many years. Looking for a photographer? Take a look at the website or our company in event entertainment.  


A DJ or a band

You probably might think that you don’t need a DJ or band. A laptop hooked up to some speakers will be okay, right? Just a few things can ruin your wedding faster than a friend who refuses to play requests. Hiring a professional wedding DJ or wedding band can help forestall this catastrophe.



Ever tried to prepare a meal for 200 people by yourself? Probably not and even if you have, there is enough to do the days before your wedding. Worrying about cooking a meal shouldn’t be one of the activities. The right caterer will prepare different meals for your guests.


A limousine

Hiring a limousine for your wedding party might be extravagant, but mostly it is the easiest way to get everyone to and from the ceremony and reception. Besides that, a limo will add a touch of glamour to the wedding.


Order carbon fiber material online

At Compositesplaza you can order carbon fiber material online. Our company is a specialist in composites materials, like carbon fiber. We offer you a large collection of carbon fiber materials for various applications. At our webshop you will find just materials from well-known experienced European suppliers. The products are from a high quality.


Carbon fiber material is popular

Did you know carbon fiber material is a popular material? It is strong and light weighted material. Nowadays it is used for many applications. Compositesplaza offers carbon fiber material for many branches, like the car industry, the aviation industry, sports industry, fashion industry and the boat industry. In our webshop you find various types of carbon fiber material, like carbon tapes, woven carbon fabric, carbon fiber prepreg, multilayer fabrics, special fabrics patterns and multiaxial fabric.


Do you want to order carbon fiber material?

Do you want to order carbon fiber material at our webshop? Than we will send your order directly to your address after we received the payment. You will receive your ordered material within three working days. The exact delivery date depends on the area where your warehouse is located. For a large order amount we advise you to contact us before ordering. Mostly we offer customers an affordable and interesting price for a big order. Do you want more information or an advice from an expert? Than you can always contact our specialists us for more information or a technical advice.

Advice on how to create a secure lock environment

There are many good reasons to prevent burglaries as far as possible, and to insure ourselves against material losses, but also against the disappearance or destruction of personal memories. There is a lot to do to reduce the risk of burglary and it is important to know the function and safety level of their burglary protection. The costs are small compared to the consequences that a bad burglary can imply.

Call us to make an appointment to go through your house with the purpose to make it safe and secured against burglaries.

What is an approved locking device?
In order for you to receive full compensation in case of a burglary, the breach protection requirements in terms of insurance and insurance must be met. Any defects may result in loss of compensation for burglaries. Contact your insurance company if you are not sure which terms apply to your home insurance.

However, using the insurance companies’ requirements as a measure of your protection does not necessarily mean that you have adequate protection. Their requirements are a minimum for your insurance to apply. This may mean that you must complete them to get adequate protection, for example, with an approved lock device. It is you who must look about your home.

One should be aware that traditional exterior doors are not classified safety doors, which have been through different tests, and do not match these even if the outside door is fitted with an approved locking device. This can still be recommended as a solution, as it significantly complicates a burglary and, in particular, provides increased security.

Before investing in improved burglary protection, you must also investigate whether the door is stable and has a good function. In some cases it might be best to replace the entire door.

Burglar protection that completes the lock

Lock is an obvious protection against uninvited guests. But there are also a number of other options that protect your business and are a good complement to locks or other security solutions.

We at know that the security of a company or property is of paramount importance. Complete locks with other types of burglary protection to deter the thief and prevent damage.

Anti-fouling obstructs the thief

Anti-theft protection is an effective way to keep unauthorized persons away. It seems dissuasive and could be what makes the thief avoid invading your property. A break guard is a profile mounted to cover the gap between the frame and the door. It provides an additional barrier to the thief and is available in several different designs and sizes.

The gallery keeps the thief gone

Galleries are an effective way to stop the thief from breaking into your business. With grille or window grates, you get a real protection against uninvited guests while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Glass reinforcement prevents damage

With glass reinforcement in the form of a protective film on the inside of the glass, you get a stronger glass that prevents and obstructs burglary. It’s an easy and effective way to protect your business.

Walas during the holidays & Expanding to Germany!

Christmas Dinner with Syrian Refugees in Enschede

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a nice dinner. Yesterday, a Syrian Christmas dinner was organized by Sheltersuit, Appeltjes van Oranje and Spinnerij Oosterveld. Tables were set, the candles were lit and the Spinnerij was wrapped in warm Christmas vibes. Throughout the week, the kitchen worked hard on the tastiest dishes made by the Syrian refugees and volunteers working at Sheltersuit. Together with Appeltjes van Oranje they made a special feast and the result was amazing! It was a very successful evening, for which we would like to thank everyone! The proceeds of the dinner go to the Sheltersuit project on Lesvos.

Walas expanding to Hamburg, Germany!

In June 2017, World of Walas opened a new office in Hamburg (Germany). The office is located in the central part of the HafenCity, and will be the office for German operations and home to Walas Concepts Hamburg. The new district (still under construction!) is built on a former harbour area along the river Elbe and very close to the historical downtown.

The 100 sqm space is open to the public. It will provide a stage to present citizens initiatives, a platform to discuss about the future of the city, a center to learn sustainability and a laboratory to develop ideas.

The team in Hamburg specializes on urban planning tasks, such as area and district (re)design and management, community engagement and empowerment, access to tecnologies for the built environment and equipment of the public space. The network is getting every day bigger and Walas is looking for large and small opportunities of cooperation to contribute to the local development.

Startup Spirit, sparkled by Walas

Futurum is a new knowledge and innovation festival that brings innovations and innovative thinking together, made by top innovators of the region.

On 23 and 24 November 2017, the Heerlen city center was dedicated to knowledge, work and learning. From 8 am to 10 pm, various events took place in Sparkcity Carbon6 with inspiring workshops and sessions, with themes such as entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. The 2 day event was filled with dialogue with successful StartUps, blockchain, and introductions to local companies with new innovations or working methods. In short; getting acquainted, sharing knowledge and showing to each other what we are capable of in Heerlen. Performances, presentations and workshops by lecturers, lecturers, entrepreneurs and students were set with music and food for an energized and inspiring event.

Ride the latest tech-wave with a Dutch built wave radar

A wave radar developed by Radac is an excellent combination of Dutch ingenuity and a lifelong experience with wind and waterflows. Radac is a Dutch company, based in Delft. The company has a wide variation of clients. For example; their client base is made up of offshore wind farm operators, port operators, oil companies, international project developers, shipping companies and governments. One of their most valued companies is the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat). The company has developed several products, such as the Wave Direction, Wave Height & Tide and Water Level. 

Use a WaveGuide Level on your pipe as a wave radar

Would you like to better protect your delicate pipe systems in the ocean? Real time information plays an important role in protecting your offshore installations.You can easily measure the motions of the water’s surface with two products. You can use a WaveGuide Water Level or a WaveGuide Height & Tide, mounted on top of a pipe. Both products are suitable for all weather conditions, they are perfect for solar energy and are reliable, durable and accurate. The products from Radac are perfect for rivers, bridge clearance, lakes and dams. The water level will be measured at the point where it’s mounted. The raw data and parameters even can be requested and displayed on a computer’s web browser!

The WaveGuide radar; worldwide, many leading companies rely on this wave radar

When looking for specialized technology such as a wave radar, it pays off to look at the systems that your competition uses. Worldwide, many leading companies rely on this radar. Maybe your company will be soon too. You can profit from the many benefits this radar can provide. Examples are the easy installation, a low power consumption and an excellent price/performance ratio. Also, this radar is suitable for all weather conditions. The WaveGuide radar measures the distance to the water surface several times per second. You can purchase this radar in two versions: a standard stainless-steel version and the ATEX certified version.

Get your ducks in a row by employing reliable car shippers

Arrangement with the most dependable car shippers, means that everything transport, and custom related, is taken care of. All you have to do is pick up the keys! Either way, exporting cars from one continent to another is no easy task. So how about some help from highly experienced, international car shippers with a burning passion for great American cars. Not just cars by the way. You can also hire the services of Marlog Car Handling if you are looking to import or export boats and motorbikes. Whatever the vehicle, we guarantee a safe passage, and to make you an even better deal, we will also handle the paperwork. All you have to do is pick up the keys!

Looking to export cars from the USA? Looks like you need a hand!

Getting your car shipped from one part of the world to another, requires meticulous planning, and it helps if you know the right people. And this is all besides the actual shipping of the cars themselves. Therefore, it might be wise to consider a partnership with reliable car shippers that operate on a global level. One of such companies is Marlog Car Handling. With decades of experience and trustworthy agents all over the world and in all major ports, Marlog Car Handling will make sure your car, or cars, are exported in the safest way possible. Because getting your vehicle across in one piece and without scratches or dings, that’s what it’s all about.

Born in the USA, and now looking to export cars from the USA to Europe?

First thing you should know is that importing goods from the USA requires the correct papers and a clear record about where the vehicle comes from, as well as certain specifications.

Some expats are very attached to their America-made cars. Car brands that are unfortunately not present in Europe. Therefore, a lot of US-born expats are looking for car shippers that can help them import their trusted American steed to their new residence in Europe. Marlog Car Handling is a Netherlands-based car shipper that can help you export cars from the USA and import them into the European Union. Remember, it’s not just a car, it’s a little piece of home.