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Advice on how to create a secure lock environment

There are many good reasons to prevent burglaries as far as possible, and to insure ourselves against material losses, but also against the disappearance or destruction of personal memories. There is a lot to do to reduce the risk of burglary and it is important to know the function and safety level of their burglary protection. The costs are small compared to the consequences that a bad burglary can imply.

Call us to make an appointment to go through your house with the purpose to make it safe and secured against burglaries.

What is an approved locking device?
In order for you to receive full compensation in case of a burglary, the breach protection requirements in terms of insurance and insurance must be met. Any defects may result in loss of compensation for burglaries. Contact your insurance company if you are not sure which terms apply to your home insurance.

However, using the insurance companies’ requirements as a measure of your protection does not necessarily mean that you have adequate protection. Their requirements are a minimum for your insurance to apply. This may mean that you must complete them to get adequate protection, for example, with an approved lock device. It is you who must look about your home.

One should be aware that traditional exterior doors are not classified safety doors, which have been through different tests, and do not match these even if the outside door is fitted with an approved locking device. This can still be recommended as a solution, as it significantly complicates a burglary and, in particular, provides increased security.

Before investing in improved burglary protection, you must also investigate whether the door is stable and has a good function. In some cases it might be best to replace the entire door.

Burglar protection that completes the lock

Lock is an obvious protection against uninvited guests. But there are also a number of other options that protect your business and are a good complement to locks or other security solutions.

We at know that the security of a company or property is of paramount importance. Complete locks with other types of burglary protection to deter the thief and prevent damage.

Anti-fouling obstructs the thief

Anti-theft protection is an effective way to keep unauthorized persons away. It seems dissuasive and could be what makes the thief avoid invading your property. A break guard is a profile mounted to cover the gap between the frame and the door. It provides an additional barrier to the thief and is available in several different designs and sizes.

The gallery keeps the thief gone

Galleries are an effective way to stop the thief from breaking into your business. With grille or window grates, you get a real protection against uninvited guests while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Glass reinforcement prevents damage

With glass reinforcement in the form of a protective film on the inside of the glass, you get a stronger glass that prevents and obstructs burglary. It’s an easy and effective way to protect your business.