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The best way to hang wall decoration

Give your home, gallery, office, warehouse or any other room a professional look without a lot of effort. Our picture hanging systems are the perfect solution!

A beautiful painting or artwork on the wall gives a space quickly a warmer feel. It also reflects on the image of your company or institution. Even more important working in such an environment is a lot more enjoyable.

No need to drill holes

Hanging beautiful paintings and other wall decorations can be quite difficult and time consuming. Especially if you have to put nails in the wall or drill holes. And when you want to replace or remove the wall decoration you’ll have ugly holes in the wall that have to be restored. It’s non-flexible and mostly time consuming!

Specialist has (for a long time already) been a specialist in hanging systems to professionally hang paintings, frames, canvases, Dibon, posters and other wall decorations.

Due to our large assortment and systems of the best brands (Artiteq, STAS and Newly) we have a perfect solution for every way to hang your objects to your wall or ceiling.

Installation Service

Due to the easiness with which a hanging system can be installed you can do it yourself. When you don’t want to or are not able to do it yourself you can have it done by our convenient and expert installation service. It is installed in no time.

Onetime investment

Because we are so confident in our products gives a 5 year warranty if manufacturing defects present in your picture hanging system.

A picture hanging system will last many years and is a onetime investment that saves a lot of time. If you wish to remove the grid again it is very simple to do so. If you want more advice don’t hesitate to contact us.