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Types of Instagram Accounts

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Instagram has proven itself as a platform for doing business. Many companies have promoted themselves using this social network.

Instagram, as a social platform, has long outgrown the pages of regular photos. No, this is everyone’s choice, of course, someone is very interested in observing other people’s daily lives. But now not all types of accounts are created: personal pages, shops, nightlife spots, theme groups and much more. But among all the diversity, it is entirely possible to make good money on an Instagram account. But for this you need to dive into the details of the social network and understand how it should work.

Which accounts are there?

Personal blog.

In this case, the blogger is sharing his life. He makes his family, home, and personal life public. Share your thoughts on various issues. You generally talk about that in terms of broad opportunities, whatever you want. In this case, revenue from the page can be obtained through advertising or collaboration with all kinds of brands. You become interesting to advertisers when you get a significant number of subscribers for whom you become an authority.

Blog of an expert.

In simple terms, you are promoting your name in a specific area in which you are an expert. You share your opinion on a specific topic. Suppose a psychologist creates a blog in which he deals with psychological issues, discusses urgent problems within the framework of the chosen topic. You position yourself as an expert in a specific field and gain the trust of your audience. In this case, blogging is carried out through expert presentations (consultations, seminars), attracting customers, information products.

This is not a personalized page, that is, there is no personal presence. Usually everything is run by an administrator, and sometimes more than one. Theme audience gains a large number of subscribers by pooling interests. Let’s say the groups are collections of funny videos or devoted to the topic of women’s manicure. Money reappears thanks to advertising.

Showcase store.

 An account that displays an assortment of goods with prices and descriptions. That is, like in a regular store, wanted-asked-bought. Generating income from direct sales.

Business account.

Companies create company profiles to advertise their products. This is somewhat different from a regular store account in that in addition to selling content, there is also information and entertainment material. This draws more attention to the company and creates an image for a specific audience. Instagram acts as an advertising platform.

Landing pages.

Usually these are accounts that have been created especially for a specific event or product. The pages contain 6-9-12 photos, which are decorated in the same style, and the description has a clear structure containing all the necessary information. Such pages are created precisely to transfer basic data or collect subscribers, in the case of competitions.

Fan profiles and hater profiles.

These two directions can be combined into one, as they do in fact the same thing, only some out of love and others out of hatred. On such pages they post photos of certain people, discuss their lives and make collages. Profits shouldn’t be expected, of course, but when the account is promoted and the number of signups grows, advertisers are in their own hands.

The so-called dead pages. Such profiles are necessary to stimulate subscribers. They don’t show any activity, but they don’t sign out either. Most are specially made for extras, not for monetary gain, but for the purpose of owning an extra profile.

We have covered some types of Instagram accounts. This information is helpful because when you decide to monetize your Instagram page, it will be easier for you. After all, if you blog without having a clear idea of ​​how it works and where you can get money from, a lot of time is wasted. Now you can choose the right type of account and think about a clear development strategy.

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