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How To Get Rid of Brambles Without Breaking a Sweat

It’s a jungle out there. Literally. Many properties have dense, overgrown areas that need to be cleared before they can be put to use. Even if your property has no unkempt wilderness, you may have areas with brambles and unwanted shrubbery that needs to go. Clearing these areas quickly, effectively and efficiently requires some special equipment and techniques. If you don’t mind breaking a sweat or getting scratched up, you can do it by hand with a machete or something similar. If that sounds like too much work and leaves you thinking “What the…” then read on for more information on how to get rid of brambles without breaking a sweat (or cutting yourself).



Define the Problem

What exactly is the problem you’re trying to solve? Do you have a dense patch of brambles that needs to be cleared out? Are you trying to get rid of unwanted shrubs around your house or other buildings? Is there a huge mess of ivy or kudzu that needs to go? Once you’ve defined the problem, you can look for the most efficient and effective solution to fit your specific needs. A bramble patch is typically a dense group of shrubs that have grown together, usually blackberry vines. A bramble patch can grow quickly and is often very dense and unkempt. This makes it difficult to walk through, let alone put anything through it. If you have a bramble patch that needs to go, you’re probably dealing with one of two types of blackberry vines – blackberry or wild blackberry. The difference between the two is that wild blackberry doesn’t produce any fruit. If you’re dealing with blackberries, you’ll have to deal with the fruit as well as the thorny vines.


Equipment You’ll Need

If you have a small patch of brambles to clear, you can get by with a hand machete. But for larger areas, you’ll need some heavy-duty equipment. If you’re dealing with a heavy bramble patch, you’ll want to invest in a rotary hoe. You may also want to invest in some protective clothing and a hard hat. A rotary hoe is essentially a large metal disk with teeth on it. They’re capable of slicing through dense vines and shrubs with little effort. A rotary hoe can be used on a variety of terrain including hillsides, steep drop-offs and other difficult areas.


Chopping with an axe

Axes and hatchets are great for clearing smaller areas and chopping down small shrubs. But they aren’t ideal for clearing out large patches of brambles. You’ll likely end up getting scratched and cut up. Avoid this and invest in a sturdier piece of equipment. If you’re trying to clear a small area, you can use a common woodsman’s axe. You can find these at many hardware stores and online. How to get rid of brambles

Dense Breeding Areas

Areas with dense blackberry vines or other thick, dense vines can be a real pain to clear out. If the area is large and dense, you may want to hire a professional to clear it for you. But if it’s smaller and you’re willing to sweat a little, you can do it yourself by chopping away at the vines with an axe or rotary hoe. For smaller areas, you can use a hand machete to hack away at the vines, but you’ll probably want to use a heavier duty piece of equipment like an axe or rotary hoe. If you’re dealing with a large area, you can clear it over time with a combination of chopping, mowing and cutting the vines down to the ground.


Rotary Hoeing

If you have a very large area of dense vines that need to be cleared, a rotary hoe may be the most efficient method. A rotary hoe is a large metal disc with a spinning wheel in the middle. The wheel is powered by a motor and has several sharp blades that slice and chop through the vines. Rotary hoes are designed specifically for clearing out large areas of dense vines. They can take a lot out of you if you’re doing the work by hand. A rotary hoe is designed to chop through the vines quickly and efficiently, leaving a large area cleared in a short amount of time.



If you’re dealing with a large area of dense vines and don’t want to invest in a rotary hoe, you can mow the vines down. Mowing vines is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Mowing is quick and efficient, but it’s also not as effective as chopping or rotary hoeing. If you have a large area of vines, mowing may not be enough to remove the vines completely. You’ll likely have to go back and chop the vines down after mowing.



If you want to get rid of the weeds, vines and shrubs but don’t want to bother removing them, you can use Roundup. Roundup is a non-selective herbicide that kills pretty much everything. It’s very effective and efficient for large, open areas. But it can be dangerous to humans and animals, so it’s important to read the instructions carefully and use it properly. You can spray Roundup on the weeds, vines and shrubs, and it will kill anything it touches. You’ll have to keep animals and people away from the sprayed areas until the Roundup kills everything. It’s best used in large open areas where it can easily be applied and won’t be a danger to people or animals.



Brambles are thick, dense vines that can grow quickly and can be a real pain to clear out. If you have a large bramble patch that needs to go, you can use a rotary hoe to chop through the vines quickly and efficiently. Chopping with an axe is a great option for smaller areas and shrubs, but it’s not as effective as a rotary hoe. You can also mow down the vines, but you’ll have to go back and chop them down after. Roundup is a great option for open areas, but it can be dangerous to humans and animals, so you’ll have to be careful when using it.

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