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Resin floor appliances

Where the resin floor in the past was commonly used in big industrial places, nowadays many more consumers discover the many advantages of these type of flooring. In this article we like to tell you some more about the many advantages and the many appliances for resin flooring. As you will discover, resin floor is a good fit for any interior design.

Industrial appliances

The past few decades the resin floor has proven itself in industrial environments. The durable resin floor has been a popular choice because there are no gaps. In showrooms, boutique, kitchens and shopping mail the resin floor had been used for many years. also has mainly industrial companies in its portfolio when it comes to applying resin flooring or coating. Visit our website and you will see many examples of companies that have applied these type of flooring in a beautiful way.


While many companies keep enjoying the benefits of resin flooring many consumers start to discover them as well. The main reason for it’s rising popularity is the possibility to apply the same floor in every room trough which the interior becomes one. Visit our website and discover all the reasons why many more consumers keep showing interest in resin flooring. You can also visit us if you speak french, in France the resin floor is called Sol coule.

Many advantages

Some benefits have been mentioned already but we like summarize it again. The resin floor is durable, easy to clean and they will remain shining for many years. Because resin flooring is very concrete it can be used for industrial appliances as well.