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Keyword research written by: bravin156

In this 21st century any writer hoping to get more rankings in the top search engines must have a good basic knowledge on keyword research. Basically, SEO keywords research means conducting a study on the most commonly searched terms by searchers on the internet. The keywords that you choose for your works determine greatly the status of your website’s performance.

How can this be achieved? One does not just guess a bunch of keyword. It requires careful research and planning. There are special online tools that are readily available whose job is to help SEO writers get the most commonly used keywords. One of such is the Google Ad words Keyword Planner which is a product from Google. They ease off the burden of going through millions of websites trying to find out the most successful and fish out the keywords. Although they seem to have taken off majority of the work, it is still important to carry out such tasks from time to time. 

How the online tools help in keyword research

Mostly the best keywords exhibit two major characteristics;

Why conduct keyword research?

It helps in raising the fame of your work and increasing its marketability to the world. It also heightens your chances for more financial success in your field 

Best keywords to target

Taking an example of a website that has in the market a certain brand of dresses. Including the word “dresses” in their website content as the keyword might not be enough to do proper web marketing and raising its rankings in the search engines. Instead they should focus on a more specified keyword, say, “designer evening dresses” which is a more narrowed down and customized group of words that is mainly used in searches. 

This type of elongating and specifying keywords strategy is what is termed as the use of long tail keywords. Currently, this has proved to be the most sellable part in keyword research.


Therefore for any writer and marketer, seo keyword research is a very important aspect in their careers. Getting the correct internet marketing tools and conducting the proper research on the latest methods that can be used to attain keywords with high search ability scores should be their goal.

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