ISH, the world’s leading tradeshow for plumbing, technology and renewable energy

ISH 2017: electric water heaters on display

March 14 to 18 Nielsen Clima, the producer of Wesen electric water heaters from Spain exhibited their electric boilers at the ISH tradeshow in Frankfurt. This is the world’s leading fair for plumbing, technology and renewable energy.

Over 5 days more than 2400 companies exhibited and in excess of 200.000 professionals visited the trade show. The tradeshow is held once every two years in Frankfurt. It attracts professional visitors from all over the world. In 6 halls with each hall having several floors one can wander for days to look at all the products on show. 

The difference between Wesen and the competition

All the leading electric water heater manufacturers were present. But what made Wesen electric water heaters stand out from the competition were their innovative features. An electric boiler with two stainless steel tanks, sheathed heating elements and an intelligent controller is truly unique. Plus the power button to run the two heating elements, one single and one double, simultaneously to shorten heating time. Check our Wesen page for full details of the cutting-edge technology Wesen water heaters have to offer.

It was a sheer luck that Nielsen clima exhibited. A stand freed up at ISH due to a cancellation. Nielsen Clima was on the waiting list and jumped at the chance to book a stand for this year’s event. For sure will they exhibit their electric boilers again at the next ISH tradeshow.

New products to launch this year

Nielsen Clima has been very busy this year and they will launch a very competitively priced enamel steel Wesen storage water heater range in July. Later this year a 316L stainless steel storage water heater range under the brand Wesen will also be introduced. 316L is highly corrosion resistant and will cope better with hard water conditions.

For more information on Wesen products consult this link

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